Reflow 2023 - Virtual PowerClerk Conference

04/26/2023 - 04/27/2023 | 9:00 am Pacific
05/02/2023 - 05/04/2023 | 9:00 am Pacific

Reflow is the virtual conference that helps utilities and energy agencies get the most out of PowerClerk.
Attendees will learn how to improve workflow efficiency, staff productivity, the applicant experience, and data streams across diverse types of programs and processes. Reflow 2023 will include introductory sessions, how-to sessions, best practice discussions, and emerging use cases that are empowering our utility customers through the energy transformation.


About Reflow 2023

Who should attend? Reflow is designed for utility decision makers, planners, DER programs managers, designers and administrators. Whether you’re new to PowerClerk or an expert, Reflow will help you more effectively leverage PowerClerk in your utility.

Why Attend Reflow? Reflow attendees will learn how to realize the full potential of PowerClerk to drive efficiency and flexibility in programs across your organization—today and into the future.

Utility Trends, Challenges & Solutions | 4/26 thru 4/27

These sessions address current and emerging industry trends and discuss how PowerClerk helps utilities solve their toughest problems. These sessions provide valuable overviews, and are especially great introductory sessions if you’re new to PowerClerk.


  • Intro | Learn more about Clean Power Research | 5 Mins
  • Intro | Welcome to Reflow 2023 | 5 Mins
  • Keynote | State of the Utility Transformation and How Technology Empowers Utility Goals | 45 Mins
  • Solution | Automating Interconnection and the End-to-End Integration of Renewable Energy | 30 Mins


  • Solution | Set your EV Program Management in Cruise Control | 30 Mins
  • Solution | Amplify your power: Leveraging PowerClerk's Flexibility to Solve Emerging Challenges beyond DERs | 30 Mins

How-To and Best Practices | 5/2 thru 5/4

These sessions provide deeper dives into best practices, emerging solution areas, and highlight the great work done by our PowerClerk utility clients. They include a mix of in-depth case studies, and shorter How-To sessions.


  • Case Study | Driving Electric Vehicle Programs to Success with PowerClerk | 45 Mins
  • How-To | Make Sense of Your Data: Utilizing Reports to See What Matters | 20 Mins
  • How-To | Optimize PowerClerk Integrations to Enhance Workflows and Maximize Data Value | 20 Mins
  • How-To | Streamline Your Workflows with PowerClerk Automations | 20 Mins


  • Case Study | Empowering Rapid and Flexible Utility Program Management: APS' Success with PowerClerk | 45 Mins
  • Case Study | Harness PowerClerk Channels to Efficiently Manage Upcoming Impacts of FERC 2222 | 45 Mins
  • How-To | Our Signature Event: Introducing PowerClerk's eSignature Envelopes Feature | 20 Mins
  • How-To | Don't Get Lost in Your Inbox: Use Project Inquiries to Communicate with Customers | 20 Mins


  • Case Study | How Pepco Incorporates DER Insights into Distribution Planning with SolarAnywhere® FleetView® | 45 Mins
  • How-To | Using the PowerClerk Test Environment for Seamless Program Design Changes and User Training | 20 Mins
  • How-To | Submit, Review, Correct, Repeat: Mastering a Seamless Review Loop | 20 Mins
  • How-To | Optimize Resource Management with PowerClerk Features | 20 Mins


We’ll keep in touch as the event gets closer, sharing any updates, a more detailed itinerary and more.

Want to know more? Have a question that can’t wait for Refllow? Get in touch with us